RPC Team

Pam Cail – President & Owner

Pam brings over 30 years of Logistics experience, to design solutions that are unique to e-commerce customers, addressing their unique needs in taking your product to market.

Rick Cail – Domestic Operations

Rick has over 35 years experience in operations and program management. His “project manager” mindset ensures that solutions are designed and executed to ensure timely and accurate service delivery.

Julie Sparrow – Customer Service

Julie is a master at customer service, and understanding each of our clients unique needs. She guides first time shippers with the patience of a teacher…..because she was for over 30 years!

Meredith Sparrow – Social Media

Meredith came to us as an intern while working on her Bachelors degree at University of Tennessee. Meredith brings a high attention to detail and world class people skills to benefit our customers every day. Her skills in social media give us insight into the multiple communities that are used by our customers for communications and information sharing.

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To get in touch with us and learn more about our services, you can reach out to us here!

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